Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not The Tiny Sarcastic One

Continuing in what maybe used to be the music district (if there ever was such a thing), we have this sign for Dahl Violin Shop. It's still there, although it doesn't seem to have a webpage. That's fitting for a store that is upstairs in an ancient building downtown. I don't know if it qualifies for "cool old building" architecturally, but it's an interesting block, right next to where the Nicollet was supposed to be. One internet commentator says Matthias Dahl was a famous Finnish violin maker, and apparently he made shoes in the old country before focusing on violins in Minneapolis in 1912. What a fascinating life story.

Here are a few other shots from Flickr. Black and white definitely seems like an appropriate artistic choice.

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  1. Dahl passed away years ago, the shop is now owned by Robert Black who sells and repairs stringed instruments and bows.