Monday, May 9, 2022

Just Quick Checkup

Hello? Is this thing on? So, it's been rather awhile. It seems that the Star Tribune linked to this humble blog, because someone is publishing a book of Twin Cities ghost signs (go buy the book). I'd basically gone inactive here, having mostly run out of material and having others things (i.e., kid) to occupy my time. But since a bunch of extra people have stopped by, I thought I'd dust off one of the few unpublished photos sitting on my camera roll (assuming I can remember how this thing works).

This one is pretty self-explanatory, for a family medicine clinic that presumably used to be in this building (at least part of which is currently available for rent) on Chicago Avenue just north of 53rd Street. Since we decamped from Downtown to south of the creek, I've walked by this one many times without posting it here. In part because I figured "Nokomis Clinic Ltd" isn't going to turn up much in an internet search. I figured correctly. Not even the phone number turns up a useful lead. I even did a reporter-like thing and tried to call it! 

About all I've got to say is to wonder whether that hole in the wall replaced the expected "is" or whether the doc here got a little create and named it Nokomo or Nokoman or something. No, I don't know why anyone would do that either.

Anyway, it will hopefully not be another five years before the next post, but I will also need to find some more old industrial/commercial areas to explore.