Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No, Not That Bakker

There are a ton of these, and I don't plan to include them all, but I liked this iPhone shot of the sign on the side of the historic Baker Building. If I'm reading this correctly, the building dates to 1925 and hosts primarily office space with retail at the skyway level.

If any of you are not from Minneapolis and have wondered what these "skyway" things are, well, there you have it. It's cold here in the winter. We need enclosed glass and metal hallways on the second story of our buildings so as not to be forced to eat our sled dogs when we leave the office to grab lunch three blocks away.

The building was featured in an ad for Carney Mortar (my personal favorite mortar supplier, use them for all your mortar and mortar-related accessory needs) in 1926, according to this vintage ad that you can currently buy from eBay. The Historical Society has a number of cool images, including of the construction and of its neighbors with the Foshay Tower in the background.

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