Friday, June 24, 2011

Fly, Fly Away

Okay, this one isn't a commercial sign, but it's still kind of a ghost in its own way. It's on the back of the building that used to house the downtown Key's and, if I recall, the Scientologists, but has been empty of the last few years as The Nicollet (watch out for sound) was supposed to be built on top of it. That project was a go during the housing boom, but I'm not sure where it stands now. It's had issues. Had it been built, it was to have been the tallest residential building in the Midwest outside Chicago.

I'm assuming that this is meant as public art, although it's really in a back alley. The lower left hand corner has two names, Benn Schanman and Jenn Spurgin, and a date, 4-78. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find who they are or why they painted this image of birds in flight over the Mississippi. Perhaps it's related to the rather cool sculpture and fountain on the Mall. If not, I'm fairly sure this "graffiti" on the boarded up windows on the front of the building is meant to reference it:

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