Sunday, June 12, 2011

Industrial Product Selling Company Inc.

Right across the intersection from Commutator Foundry, is a mysterious distributor of unknown products at 200 N. 1st St. Writing On The Wall caught the Visitor Parking and Shipping signs on the 2nd Ave. side of the building, so we know they had visitors and they shipped stuff. You can also see that significant renovation work has been done since WOTW came buy, and the building encouragingly looks close to returning to productive use.

Actually, Google Street View has outdone me, as you can actually see that it says Coal Burning Equipment Company on 2nd Ave. as well. I'm not sure how I missed that, but perhaps I will have to go by again. Of course, a name that generic doesn't do much to help us learn about its past either.

Edited to add: Vindication! The identifying sign is currently covered up and illegible:

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