Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rhymes With Clicks

I'm back. I hope all 4.5 of you that read each post had a lovely 4th of July weekend. I did, as the weather at the lake was more than a little perfect. It could not have been better, really.

But we're back in action now, and back with beer no less. I'm fairly sure this says Gluek's, although looking at it now it looks more like Glue's. There was to be a K in there somewhere. Regardless, we are back across the river in Nordeast (no, you can't call it Northeast). There will be more from the downtown core, which seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, but for now it's time to stretch a bit. So far I've only had one little bike trip through the area, but it made me more than a little nostalgic for an area from before I was born. I found a cool old neighborhood featuring brick houses and blocks with a church on one end and a neighborhood bar on the other. Granted, I'd only visit one of those two institutions, but it still seemed to me like the way to live.

As for Gluek's, well, there is a bar/restaurant downtown still, although I've personally not heard the best things. I've not been there in probably 15 years myself, so clearly I'm due. The building dates to 1902, which is certainly worthy of a visit. Gottlieb Gluek started his brewery at Marshall and 22nd NE in 1857. There are some old-fashioned labels and the like about the brewery and the brand here. The brand apparently came to an end last year.

There are many images for Gluek's in the Historical Society archive, and more than a few from Norton & Peel, which seems to be searchable despite the government shutdown. There are a ton of cool images, including some that go all the way back to the 1870s, and a number of mystery local bars of this type and some from the neighborhood. They are worth a look just for how the city used to be. My favorites, though, might be the ones anticipating the end of prohibition.

This particular relic is at 1400 NE 4th St.

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