Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Thought This Would Be Easier

But I can't really make out what this one says either. Once again, it looks like maybe it's been painted over or modified over time. It looks like the top of the signs says "Witts," which may be an add for Witts Liquor around the corner (I'll have to go by to see if it's still there). It looks like it may now be Team Liquor (watch out for sounds).

I can only make out "Lan" at the beginning of the word superimposed over that, so I don't know to what that refers.

This one is at 705 S. Hennepin, directly above the Chevy's (the roof of Chevy's is at the bottom of the picture).


  1. The "Lan" looks as if it's the logo of Lancer, a chain of men's (rather tacky, as I recall) clothing stores that operated some suburban mall locations at least into the 1980s. Maybe they had a store in the Witt's building at one time (perhaps before Musicland took over the space -- I can remember looking at records there in the '80s).

    I was happy to see your other Witt's post, which shows that an old Witt's sign is still hanging by a thread in the alley. I actually wondered about that one day. Last time I checked, though this was a few years ago, there was still a very faded sign at the very top of the building's Hennepin Avenue side that said "Witt's Market House." I peered in the front windows at street level, and the space (which had been vacant seemingly for two decades or more, perhaps since Musicland left) had been more or less gutted, but there were still some signs of its ancient grocery-store days (e.g., things like PRODUCE or EGGS painted on the pillars).

    I wish that all the old-time supermarkets had left their signs up when they went out of business. A little neglect here and there makes for a more vibrant streetscape.

    1. You're right, it does still say "Witt's Market House" at the top of the front of the building. That's actually what initially tipped me off, but I forgot to include a link to that post in my most recent up date (http://ghostsignsmpls.blogspot.com/2011/06/addenda.html). Check out the links on that post for some cool photos from the Historical Society.

      Anyway, I've now added a "Witt's" label which should point to all four times I've mentioned it.

      I walk by from time to time and think what's left inside would make a great location for a restaurant or something if they could salvage the remaining white tile and the grocery signs you mention. It's a cool building and it's too bad that it's not been put to use for so long.