Saturday, February 11, 2012

Free Box of Steaks?

This is a tough one.  It's clear enough that I can make out "Glass Co." and "Mirrors" but also "Plow."  My guess is that strange pairing means more than one generation of sign, but let's see what we can find out.

Well, unfortunately, not much.  There are a lot of glass companies out there, and "*rch" isn't really helping me.  It could be Burch Glass Company, but they seem to be in Texas.  Maybe we should ignore the glass and focus on the plow.  Could it be Burch Manufacturing Company?  Even though their web page mentions Minneapolis and farm equipment I don't understand, it doesn't look like they make plows and they are in Iowa.

So, well, that's all I've got.  Maybe I'll have to go by a few more times and see if I can make it out.  You can too, at 616 3rd St.

Update here.


  1. I suspect it said Pittsburgh Plate Glass (a big company that's still around as PPG Industries).

    Wonderful blog, by the way!

  2. Your suspicion is correct, which I figured out after going by again:

    But thank you and I'm glad you have enjoyed it!

  3. Oh, sorry for missing the newer post, Adam, which I enjoyed -- including the links that allowed me to see the workers going about their business in the glass plant back in the day.