Monday, August 1, 2011

I Need A Nap

It's tantalizingly close to being legible. Obviously, they sold box springs, studio lounges (whatever that is) and spring filled mattresses. It may now be Twin Cities Paper Supply, and they may have obscured the sign on purpose (if so, a pox on them I say!).

I was about to give up, but I think I've got it! It's Land-O-Nod! (From the stuff-o-stuff school of branding, with at least one other local adherent). Google delivered that much, but having figured that out, I've not got all that much more to say. They apparently made mattresses (who woulda thunk) and got a trademark in 1965 for "chiropractic" that resulted in litigation with their rivals and an 8th Cir. opinion in 1983. I don't know what happened to them, but given that I haven't heard of them, they probably didn't last too much longer after that.

You can see what might have been a factory, warehouse or just show room at the intersection of Broadway and Tyler near Central NE.


  1. Nice post; check out this original Land-O-Nod sign:

  2. You are correct! It was indeed a factory and showroom. This company provided bedding, and later furniture under the Richwell brand, manufactured in Cokato, Mn.
    Operated since at least the early 40's by the Olson family, and later, 1970 ish by the Hartwell family. This building also displayed a large Land O Nod sign on the roof, facing the broadway/Central intersection. The doors closed about 1985, largely as an attempt to shed itself of union labor.

    1. Where did you find the info on Land-O-Nod? I'd love to know a little more. We recently found a mattress with a Land-O-Nod tag on it when we cleaned out Great Grandma's house. I'm trying to figure out its age.

  3. Thanks for the info! I think there is now a microbrewery in the building.

  4. I knew a fellow, now passed away, who worked at the Land 'O Nod factory there. He and his family were Latvian refugees after WWII and he was so happy for the stable life and employment here.

  5. I worked at Land-O-Nod as an accountant, which would have been around 1984. They primarily made mattresses. I moved to AZ in 1985 and the company was not doing well at that time, it eventually went out of business but its sister company Richwell Furniture survived. I was 23 years old when I started working there, 56 now, so it's very bizarre to see it depicted as a "ghost sign"! Cool idea you have though.