Saturday, June 2, 2012

Short Timer?

I've had this one laying around for awhile, and if I recall, I started to blog about it once before, but really couldn't read what it says so I stopped.  But this building, or more accurately the mostly empty block that it sits on are relevant to current events, so I though I'd get it up now.

This is what's called the McClellan Building, which belongs to the Star Tribune.  It's also part of the five square blocks on the east side of downtown that the Star Tribune has been looking to sell for awhile.  It seems to have found a buyer for this particular block, which was part of the recently-passed plan to build a new Vikings stadium nearby.  I'm not exactly sure what use this block will be put to, but it's a sure bet that this building will be gone at some point in the next few years of construction.

As fan of old buildings and old signs, that's a little bit sad, but I'm also a fan of urban redevelopment, so I'm hoping beyond hope that the stadium plan will finally help revitalize this underused corner of the city.

As for the sign itself, it's not so easy to read, as I mentioned.  Clearly there was a printing and lithography business here, most likely before the Star Tribune acquired it.  Unfortunately, I can't really make out its name.

You would think the name of the building, which is well documented, might be a clue, but it's not really helping me either.

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